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A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding

Natural HairCare, Twist, Hair Braiding , Crochet Weaving, Hair Loss, Alopecia, Kids Hair, Kinky Twist, Nubian Twist, Cornrows, Dread Locs, Mens Hair, Crochet Braids, Hair Braiding Training Classes & More...


HAIR GALLERY HAIR GALLERY Kinky Twist 39658947 Deep n Wavy-Micro Braids 50049753 Two Strand Twist-Front View *Natural Hair Only 50653535 Micro-Kinky Twist 55323888 Micro Braids (Synthetic) 81112294 Mohawk with Fluffy Twist *Back View 88354210 Nubian Twist ~Side View 120628324 Fluffy Twist (Mohawk) 106105444 Fluffy Twist (Mohawk) 106105443 Nubian Crochet Twist 122786265 Natural HairStyle *Cornrows & Two-Strand Twist ~This Style can only Be done on Natural Hair Only. 130943292 Crochet Weaving 132798861 Natural HairStyle *Two-Strand Twist and Cornrow 134003673 Natural HairStyle Cornrows and Two-Strand *Side View 134003674 Nubian Twist *Short Bob 134005851 My Clients' Testimony This is just a Picture of one of my Clients Hair I have been doing for about a Year Now. She sent me this Picture to show me how much her hair has grown since I have been Twisting her Hair. 134232782 Loc Senegalese Twist *Back View *Femi Marley Braiding Hair 140815475 Fro-Hawk 137679066 Kinky Twist 139131623 Senegalese Twist *KaneKalon Hair 139927723 Senegalese Twist *Back View *KaneKalon Hair 139927722 Sew In Extensions 142170749 Braid Locs 142408662 Sew in Extensions 144733045 Sister Loc Two-Srand Twist *Natural Hair *Side View 145380885 Sister Loc Two-Srand Twist *Natural Hair *Back View 145380886 Afro and French Braid 145380888 Single Braids *KaneKalon Braiding Hair 145380891 Individual Braids 153258518 Spring Twist 165191603 Nubian Twist 153258521 Senegalese Twist **KaneKalon Hair 149406321 Senegalese Twist *Back View *KaneKalon Hair 149406322 Crochet Dread Locs 150608023 Long Afro Twist 153774877 Short Nubian Twist ~Eon Hair 157062290 Senegalese Twist *KaneKalon Hair 157062291 Micro Braids ~Synthetic Hair 157062292 Crochet Weave *Human Hair 157062393 Crochet Weave ~Back VIew *Human Hair 157062394 Short Havanna Twist *Done with Yarn 172107589 Sew In Invisable Part Weave 157062399 Croceht Weave 160735134 Crochet Weave *Side View 160735135 NUDRED *Side View 160735138 NUDRED *Side View 160735139 Yarn Braids *Side View 162466155 Yarn Braids 162664022 Yarn Braids 162664023 Micro Braids 164351365 Micro Briads *Back View 164351366 Thick Single Braids *Back View 164351367 Thic Single Braids *Side View 164351368 Cornrows *Side View 164351369 Cornrows *Side View 164351370 Natural HairStyle *Side View 164527653 Nubian Twist 165192720 Kinky Twist 166511629 Crochet Weave *Human Hair 167015507 Senegalese Twist **KaneKalon Hair 167618542 Senegalese Twist *Back View *KaneKalon Hair 167618543 Nubian Twist *Back View 167618545 Natural HairStyle *Side View 167951869 Natural HairStyle 167951870 Kinky Twist 168764579 Kinky Twist ~Side View 168764580 Red Cornrows & Twist 169058995 Micro Braid Quickweave 169233408 Micro Braid Quickweave 169233406 Cornrows & Two Strand Twist 169377271 Cornrows & Two Strand Twist 169377272 Cornrows & Two Strand Twist 169377273 195470670 Thicker Kinky Twist 169503370 Natural Hair Style with a Fish Tail Braid ~Side View 170106513 Natural Hair Style with a Fish Tail Braid ~Back View 170106512 Natural Hair Style with a Fish Tail Braid ~Top View 170106514 MicroTwist 174108174 Micro Braids ~Side View *Synthetic Hair 174108177 Micro Braids ~Back View *Synthetic Hair 174108178 Afro Twist *Side View 174108906 Short Crochet Weave 174915654 Kinky Twist 174916272 Havana Twist 175861937 Crochet Weave 175869161 Spring Twist *Eon Hair 176952406 Spring Twist *Eon Hair 176952407 Jumbo Braids 176953265 Jumbo Braids 176953264 Fluffy Twist *Eon Hair 176953384 Cornrows & Two-Strand Twist *Natural HairStyle 176953751 Cornrows & Two-Strand Twist *Natural HairStyle 176953752 Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids *Butt Length 177230372 Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids *Butt Length 177230373 Crochet Senegalese Twist 178629187 This one of my Clients Natural hair once I done a Steam Treatment on it. Is your hair Dry and Brittle? You should try one of my Hair Treatments & Steam Treatments. To get more info on pricing and more Click on the Service and Pricing Page. 178629189 Senegalese Twist w/ Marley Braiding Hair 181703775 Senegalese Twist w/ Marley Braiding Hair 181703776 Havana Twist *Finger Comber Hair 181703778 Kinky Twist 181703781 Crochet Individual Braids~ 182255882 Crochet Individual Braids~ 182255883 Crochet Kinky Twist 182255885 Sew In Weave 182480842 Sew In Weave 182480843 Crochet Weave *Natural Looking Weave ~The hair I used was Vienna Premium Pony Marley Braiding hair. 183157525 Crochet Weave *Natural Looking Weave ~The hair I used was Vienna Premium Pony Marley Braiding hair 183157526 Freetress Water Wave Hair *Crochet Weave 185084055 Freetress Water Wave Crochet Weave *Side View 185084054 Afro 185593081 Two-Stand Twist 185593082 Crochet Weave *Marley Braiding Hair 186672482 Crochet Weave *Human Hair 186672485 Single Braids *Xpressions Premium Hair 186672486 Crochet Weave 186672487 Havana Twist *Top View 187724756 Havana Twist *Side View 187724755 Wavy Kinky Twist 187963986 Wavy Kinky Twist 187963987 Long Nubian Twist 189158285 Crochet Weave 189637369 Havana Twist ~Marley Hair 189637370 Crochet Weave ~FreeTress Candy Curl 189637371 Quickweave 189637372 Nubian Twist Crochet Weave 190091940 Nubian Twist Crochet Weave 190091941 Fluffy Twist 190875417 Nubian Twist 192986009 Senegalese Twist 192986012 Senegalese Twist *Xpression Hair 192986016 Senegalese Twist *Xpression Hair 192986018 Thick Senegalese Twist *Done with Xpressions Premium Hair 193289005 Crochet Weave *FreeTress Super Wave 193289008 Seneglaese Twist *Marley Hair 193289009 Senegalese Twist *Marley Hair 193289010 Senegalese Twist Xpressions Hair 194014298 Senegalese Twist Xpressions Hair 194014299 Crochet Weave *FreeTress Bohemian 194014300 Crochet Weave FreeTress Bohemian 194014304 Sew In Weave with Bangs 194296437 Nubian Twist 194296441 Thick Senegalese Twist *Marley Hair 194643872 #SenegaleseTwist #XPressionsHair #BraidsInKennesawGa 195667332 #SenegaleseTwist #XPressionsHair #BraidsInKennesawGa 195667333 Marley Braid Crochet Weave 195782780 *Natural Hair: Mini-Two Strand Twist AKiyia's Natural Twist and Hair Braiding Kennesaw Ga. 30144 *Be Natural *Be CareFree & *Beautiful* #NaturalHairCareInKennesawGa #NaturalHairStyle #TwoStrandTwist 196112149 *Natural Hair: Mini-Two Strand Twist AKiyia's Natural Twist and Hair Braiding Kennesaw Ga. 30144 *Be Natural *Be CareFree & *Beautiful* #NaturalHairCareInKennesawGa #NaturalHairStyle #TwoStrandTwist 196112150 Poetic Justic Braids 196292167 Poetic Justice Braids 196292168 Kinky Twist Updo 196292169 Twist Updo 196292170 Crochet Weave With Marley hair Curled on Perm Rods. 196292172 Nubian Twist 196292552 Nubian Twist 196292553 Nubian Twist 196371309 Crochet Weave done with Marley Hair. Curled on Blue Perm Rods. 196591702 Marley Braid Crochet Weave Curled with Perm rods *Purple hair 196638205 Crochet Weave with Marley hair Curled on Perm Rods 196638207 Crochet Weave with Marley hair Curled on Perm Rods 196638206 Crochet Senegalese Twist 196673587 FreeTress Bohemian hair 196740986 Human Hair Crochet Weave 197128295 Human Hair Crochet Weave *Back View 197128296 Mini-Two Strand Twist Natural Hair 197491635 Two-Strand Twist Natural Hair 197491836 I am so Happy Too Announce I have 3 Great Companies that will be Sponsors at My Event! I will Have Some Great Raffle Giveaways... We are Going to Have such a Great time! You Dont want to Miss Out on This Opportunity to Enchance Your HairStyling Skills. Tickets are Selling Fast! I cant Wait to See YOU and Teach you Your New Skill! Click on the Link Below to Pre Register Now.: Click Here to Purchase Tickets: ****Space is Limited so Don't Wait to Purchase your Tickets**** Early Bird Registration $35 {Ends March 20,2015} Ancient Secrets Hair Growth Farasue's Garden Botanicals Touch LLC ‪#‎Training‬ Event ‪#‎NaturalHairCare‬ ‪#‎HairStylingEducation‬ 197624244 Freetress Appeal Crochet Weave 197728533 A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding​ *Be Natural *Be CareFree & *Beautiful* Kennesaw Ga. 30144 197785740 A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding​ *Be Natural *Be CareFree & *Beautiful* Kennesaw Ga. 30144 197785741 Marley Crochet Weave 198134126 Red & Black Marley Crochet Weave 198134127 Faux Locs #MarleyHairLocs 203244695 Havana Crochet Weave Zury Havana Hair 203244697 206146465 206146466 206146467