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A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding

Natural HairCare, Twist, Hair Braiding , Crochet Weaving, Hair Loss, Alopecia, Kids Hair, Kinky Twist, Nubian Twist, Cornrows, Dread Locs, Mens Hair, Crochet Braids, Hair Braiding Training Classes & More...


Braids & Twist Styles ( Please Note: I Only do Medium and Small Braids Now. Braids & Twist Styles ( Please Note: I Only do Medium and Small Braids Now. Senegalese Twist Senegalese Twist Xpressions Hair 197190795 Senegalese Twist Xpressions Hair *Back View 197190796 Nubian Twist 197191075 Nubian Twist *Side View 197191076 Micro Braids *Synthetic Weave 67012142 Mircro Braids & Sew In Weave ~Human Hair 120628319 Sew In & Cornrows (Mohawk) *Side View 98953957 Kinky Twist 121782186 Fluffy Twist *Short 136777800 No-Knot Cornrows with a Bun 142950799 No-Knot Cornrows with a Bun *Back View 142950800 Nubian Twist 153611279 Micro Braids *Synthetic Weave X-pressions Hair 153774875 Micro Braids ~Back View *Synthetic Weave X-pressions Hair 153774876 Individual Braids 171038259 Individual Braids 171038260 Senegalese Twist *Femi Marley Braiding Hair 157062398 Single Braids 197612267 Individual Braids 197612268 Long Nubian Twist 171557561 Micro Twist *Side View 174108175 Micro Twist *Back View 174108176 Afro Twist 174108905 Havana Yarn Twist 175359357 Senegalese Twist ~Marley Braiding Hair 174915651 Senegalese Twist ~Marley Braiding Hai 174915652 Mohawk with Twist 174915657 Mohawk with Twist 174915658 Blonde Fluffy Twist 174915659 Havana Twist 175867341 Senegalese Twist X-Pressions Hair* 180954245 Senegalese Twist X-Pressions Hair* 180954246 Jumbo Senegalese Twist *X-Pressions Hair 176952593 Jumbo Senegalese Twist *X-Pressions Hair ~Back View 176952592 Fluffy Twist *Eon Hair 176953383 Afro Twist 177230371 Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids *Butt Length 178629190 Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids *Butt Length 178629191 Havana Twist 181663743 No-Knot Cornrows 181703782 No-Knot Cornrows 181703783 Individual Braids 181998551 Individual Braids 181998552 Havana Twist 181998553 Havana Twist 181998554 Crochet Kinky Twist 182255884 Patra/ Poetic Justice Braids *Jumbo Braids 182480844 Poetic Justic Braids *Jumbo Braids 182480845 Red Nubian Twist 183146432 Nubian Twist *Side View 183146433 Havana Twist *Marley Braiding Hair 187258019 Havana Twist *Marley Braiding hair 187258020 Kinky Twist 183157533 Blonde Kinky Twist 183157534 Havana Twist with KaneKalon Hair *Blonde & Black 185084101 Single Braids 187281574 Single Braids 187281573 Thick Cornrows 189158284 Havana Twist *Marley Hair 195567691 Thick Senegalese Twist 189158287 Kinky Twist 189158288 Havana Twist ~Marley Hair 189637368 Caucasian Man Box Braids 190091939 Yarn Braids 190875418 Yarn Braids 192986010 Afro Twist 192986011 Crochet Kinky Twist w/ Wavy Ends 192986013 Short Havana Twist *Side View 192986015 Two French Braids *Back View 192986017 Kinky Twist w/ Wavy Ends *Back View 192986019 Thick Senegalese Twist *Done with Xpressions Premium Hair 193289004 Crochet Senegalese Twist *Done with Xpressions Premium Hair 193289006 Crochet Senegalese Twist *Done with Xpressions Premium Hair 193289007 Crochet Single Braids Wavy at the Ends 194014302 Crochet Single Braids Wavy at the Ends 194014301 Cornrows *Side View 194296435 Conrows 194296436 Senegalese Twist #BesheMarleyHair 195372580 Senegalese Twist #BesheMarleyHair 195372579 Kinky Twisy *Updo 195567692 Long Kinky Twist 195782778 Long Kinky Twist 195782779 Short Nubian Twist 196371310 Crochet Nubian Twist 196394176 Short Crochet Nubian Twist 196394177 Nubian Twist 196543313 Braided Bob Style 196591705 Single Braids in a Bob 196591706 Nubian Twist ~Naffy Nubian Dread Hair 196700535 All Around the World Kinky Twist Ponytail 196700636 Kinky Twist PonyTail 196700637 Alopecia *Nubian Twist 197128298 Thick Bob Style Braids 198200055 Braided Bob Style 198200056 Poetic Justice Braids 198883363 Thick Braids 198883365 Long Single Braids 198883364 Yarn Havana Twist 199143374 Yarn Twist Ponytail 199143375 Long Box Braids Thanks for Viewing My Pic. Please Check out My Website for more Pics and Hair Care Tips. 199814044 I So Enjoyed Meeting My New Client. She is all the Way from Australia. :-) It was Such a Pleasure Meeting her! #Caucasian braids #SingleBraids #NewClient #plaitbraids 201429834 Short Crochet Nubian Twist #ShortTwist #ShortCrochetTwist 203837529 Senegalese Twist w/Marley Hair with Wavy Ends #SenegaleseTwist 204007678 Senegalese Twist w/Marley Hair with Wavy Ends #CubanTwisthair 204007679 Senegalese Twist w/Marley Hair with Wavy Ends 204007680 Nubian Crochet Twist 204515553 Nubian Crochet Twist 204515554 Nubian Twist 204515555 Nubian Twist 204515557 A Selfie My Client Sent Letting Me Know She Loves hair. 204515559 KinkyTwist 204661855 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661856 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661857 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661858 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661859 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661860 Kinky Twist 204661861 Braids 204661864 Braids 204661866 Kinky Twist with wavy ends 204661867 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661868 Crochet Nubian Twist 204661869 Senegalese twist with marley hair 204661871 Senegalese twist with marley hair 204661872 Single Braids 204661873 Braids 204661874 206146453 206146454 206146455 206146456 206146457 206146458 206146459 206146460